Sphere Quantitative Insights offers businesses and organizations the ability to make informed decisions through the rigorous analysis of data.


Steven Gordon – Founder

Steven Gordon website picture

As the founder of Sphere Quantitative Insights, Steven has conducted numerous empirical studies on a wide range of topics, including estimating the returns to digital advertising, analyzing the impact of demographic trends on urban economic growth, and using public data sources such as GoogleTrends to forecast consumer demand for products in particular locations. In addition, he has authored policy pieces and academic articles.

The primary focus of his work is to deliver value to governments, businesses, and organizations through the application of logically sound statistical techniques to answer data-driven questions. The hallmark of his methodology is a careful, scientifically rigorous approach that draws on sophisticated econometrics and machine learning algorithms, creative intuition, and a thorough institutional knowledge of a variety of specific contexts.

In addition to his research and consulting work with SQI, Steven teaches economics as an adjunct professor for multiple institutions and serves on the board of the Bluegrass Fellows Program.

Steven holds a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech, a Master’s degree from George Mason University, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Kentucky. He currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky.