Our work gives clients the information they need to make decisions that drive the growth and vision of their organizations.

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It starts with basic discussions about the client’s objectives.

The end result of a report that makes a straightforward, concrete recommendation begins with a thorough review of the client’s particular context. We spend a significant portion of each project in the planning stage which involves gathering data and any relevant institutional knowledge in order gain a circumspect understanding of the issue at hand.

Our statistical techniques are founded on proven methodologies.

Once the project scope solidifies around a well-defined question, we then review relevant scholarly and other technical resources that address what has been done before in related work. This allows an effective methodology to be adopted that is grounded on peer-reviewed, scientifically sound techniques.

We provide a robust understanding of the results.

Our key contribution lies in a careful, logically sound examination of the results that provides a complete explanation and justification for any and every quantitative result.

The art of applied statistics and econometrics requires a blend of creativity, intuition, and technical ability. Data-driven projects generally have no single right answers, and making sense of the results requires a complete understanding of the assumptions that each methodology makes. Often, these assumptions are complex and obscure, and they are always critical in obtaining valid inferences from the data.

We deliver a finished product that provides measurable value.

Our work culminates with a rigorously researched, empirically supported, and concisely communicated result. This result is the client’s information understood in a way the supports a course of informed action.

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